lil reminder for the stfm3

hi, i just wanna remind u lil things for the february 16th <3

don't stress baby

don't forget that u're there to have fun nd spend one of the best moment of ur life.
but if u need help or if u're very stressed at the time, all the fandom will be there for u nd me too!

tell them something who's important for u

as soon as u're with them, tell them what u always wanted to tell them, it just has to be short enough bc u won't have a lot of time.
nd enjoy this moment for don't have any regrets!

enjoy the day!!

don't think about the end of the day! think about when u're going to see them, how u're going to dress, what pose u want to take with them...etc
nd enjoy ur FRIENDS too! this is the moment or never to go to say hello to them, give them a hug or take a photo with them even if u didn't know them very much, tell yourself that the fandom is a big family (;

have a beautiful day! (if u see me come say me hiβ™‘)

[don't forget to wish a happy bday to mills if u can]

see u there (:

ChloΓ© <3

i'm just a fan of mills

hey so i'm ChloΓ©, i'm 14 n i'm french. i love drawing, skating, listening queen's music n millie baby brown ofc.

i love my life so much.