Are you and your family protected?

Im a very caring, loving, enthusiastic, funny, humble human being.

Hi!! 👋🏼

My name is Danairis you can call me chachi. I’m a proud mom of 3 teenagers. Life has not been very easy for me. I have struggled a lot with 3 kids. But that never stopped me from pushing forward and wanting something better for me and my kids. I had a lot of faith that my life was going to change sooner or later.

I have a FT job as an MA and I’m also a cosmetologist part time and I run my own business from anywhere using my phone.

My true passion is to change peoples lives, weather it be at my FT job with my patients making sure they are comfortable and happy when they come see the dr. (I know how uncomfortable that can be) Or when I do my clients hair and they can finally feel safe they found someone who won’t damage their hair. Or…. Showing them the IMPORTANCE of living their family protected if something were to ever happen to them and investing in their future and families future.

I’m grateful and thankful that with my business I’m able to do that. Having to work with these amazing Christian people. People that honestly care about your well being and your family. With everything going on in this world today, you just never know. I knew what I needed to do. Now I just show people exactly what god revealed to me and I also create that relationship with them.

This business opportunity has changed my life and my kids life and I’m hoping to change a lot more lives. ♥️