We are a company that is inspired to create content that will bring people closer to each other and in the process, create deeper relationships through deeper conversations. We believe that the best way to understand people is to not only talk to them, but to hear and listen. We pride ourselves in strengthening relationships and therefore, promoting humanity!

To achieve this, we make decks on different topics.

"I think I'd like to know you better " is a deck that consists of a 150/100 cards, with 148/98 written questions respectively and 2 blanks. It is suitable for all age groups and can be played among friends, family or even perfect strangers. It is suitable for 2 or more players. The more the merrier :). Categories include 'MEMORIES', 'FEELINGS MAY ARISE', 'RANDOMS', 'EXPLORE WITH ME', 'BASICS', 'FEELS LIKE HOME' and 'DO' for 100 prompts, with an additional 'CHARADES', 'WHAT IF' and 'NEVER HAVE I EVER' for the 150 prompts.

"Intimacy: Are you ready to get emotionally naked?" is a deck tailored for stimulating coversation between couples. It also consists of 150/100 cards with 148/98 prompts respectively and 2 blanks. Categories include 'LOVING YOU IS EASY' , 'I'M ALL EARS', 'DEEP', DO, 'I WANT YOU', 'FEELIN' COMPLETE' and 'WHERE DO WE BEGIN' with an additional 'RATED R', 'WORST CASE SCENARIO' and 'MOST LIKELY' for the 150 prompts.

"LITTLE STEPS" is a deck with 100 prompts that aim to promote conversations between guardians/parents with little children. This deck is a little different from the others since it consists of questions that only the parent/ guardian can ask the child, and questions only the child can ask the parent/ guardian. A little confusing for you? Don't worry. We've got you. The categories are sorted for ease identification . We went through all that trouble so you don't have to. The categories include, 'I'VE GROWN OLDER WITH YOU', 'TELL ME THINGS' and 'THE FUTURE PAST' for the parents/ guardians as well as 'I HAVE FEELINGS TOO', 'THE FUTURE PAST' and 'HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW ME' for the children. 'DO' is a category either player can pick.

'RAISE A HALLELUJAH' is a deck that intends to stimulate a conversation about faith. It can be played with 2 or more players. It is a tool that aims to bring together people who believe in God and who desire to make Him known. It too, consists of 7 categories total, which include 'REFINER', 'GLIMMER IN THE DUST', 'NO BONDAGE', 'NO LONGER A SLAVE', 'SO WILL I', 'GRAVES INTO GARDENS' and 'I AM LOVED BY YOU'.

"THE BRAIN CHEQUE" is a deck that is created to discuss on mental health, with a focus on depression. It involves questions that discuss on an individual's wellness and is a must have for all populations. It is suitable for all ages, and consists of 6 categories, with 80 prompts total. They include 'HELP ME', 'IF ONLY YOU KNEW', 'SILENCE SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS', 'THANKYOU FOR BEING HERE', 'HELP ME' and 'PAY ATTENTION'.