Who I am and what this group is all about ☀️

Hey everyone👋 My name is Kayla Agans!

I am currently a Kindergarten Teacher in a small private school in Scotia, New York! 🍎 I graduated college in 2020 with an early childhood and special education degree at Cedarville University. I have always been involved in fitness whether it was working out in the gym or in a sport. However, since moving I stopped working out. BUT I decided to take a leap of faith in stepping into my wellness journey! SO I decided to join this fitness program to kickstart that journey towards WHOLE body wellness journey. I started just as a client BUT decided to become a coach!

My goal for this team is to help women in their WHOLE body wellness journey to help overcome their fears and insecurities. Plus, to ultimately guide them in a journey towards a healthy mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being SO that women can live for THE LORD.

Swipe to see what I’m talking about & how you can get plugged in ➡️👊

Interested in building a business from your own phone?

Let’s start!! I am beyond exited for you! You first step starts here!! > > >

Netflix of workouts

These workouts are:

• convenient
• cheaper than a monthly gym payment
• can be streamed from any device (as long as you have WiFi)
• can be accessed from everywhere
• access to a variety of type of workouts including Cardio, HIIT, kickboxing, yoga, dance, barre and so much more
• 70+ programs already set for you to follow
• 1,500 videos ranging from 10-60 minutes we

Accountability groups

Ever feel lonely or unmotivated with fitness?

Sometimes, you just need to show up for you! Take time to INVEST in YOURSELF. If that cup is empty, how can you pour into someone else’s cup? We can’t forget to fill up so we can pour out!

Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated and disciplined on our own. We are created and called to be in community. It is easier to push and challenge yourself with others cheering you on!

When you join, you receive..
🌿 Accountability group
🌿 1:1 coaching from me
🌿 Weekly emails
🌿Meal plans to try and use, if wanted
🌿Daily encouragement posts


Do you struggle with being consistent with nutrition or diets aren’t working?

I know for me nutrition is the hardest for me. I have cravings. I want certain foods but eating those foods just kept destroying my digestive system. I tried all the different types, but nothing ever worked.

However, this program provides TWO easy to use nutritional programs!!! With recipes, videos to explain how to use it, and meal plans.

2B mindset: One program focused on what you can eat NOT what you can’t eat. Focused on a lifestyle change NOT a diet. It explains what foods to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the plate method.

Portion Fix: Second program focused on using colored containers to take the guess work out of how much you can eat and what you can eat. Lifestyle change over dieting.


Is it hard to get all the nutrition you need? Do you want to gain energy? Are you trying to replace coffee and soda, but want natural caffeine?

When you join, you receive either Energize & Beachbody performance OR shakeology!!

Why Energize?
🌿 Pre workout
🌿 increase energy and endurance
🌿 improve intense exercise performance
🌿sharpen focus and reaction time
🌿increase muscle power output

Why Beachbody performance?
🌿Speed muscle recovery
🌿Reduce muscle breakdown
🌿 Promote muscle protein
🌿Improve muscle strength recovery
🌿 Improve adaption to exercise

Why shakeology?
🌿 Promotes healthy weight loss
🌿Provide healthy energy
🌿 Curb Cravings
🌿Provides your body with nutrients you need
🌿 Support regularity and healthy digestion

Other Suuplements:
• Performance Stack
• Hydrate
• Recharge
• Creatine
• Focused Energy BEVVY
• Beachbar
• Collagen Boost
• Daily Sunshine
• Multivitamin
• Healthy Cleanse
• Shakeology Boots

Ready to get started and jump all in with me?!

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I would love to answer any questions that you may have!!! Whether about me or this program. DM message me or ask for mg number and I would love to talk!