Anna Vu

getting to know dis glossy gurl

Hey bbys!!! My name is Anna.✨
I am 19, and currently a college student majoring in marketing. My current goal is to manifest my dream of becoming a model, but I also adore photography, makeup, and clothing. Clothing and makeup is a way for me to express myself and my personality. I am currently on a journey to make all of my dreams and aspirations come true.🦋

I have focused my life on making myself happy, and those around me. Despite the hardships of following my dreams I choose to remain positive, because I know my hard work will benefit me in the future. Joining this amazing company has given me so much free time to do the things I Iove + I am surrounded by amazing/strong people who do nothing but support me in EVERYTHING.✨

I will always aim to give out positive content, that does nothing but inspire others to follow their dreams. I completely believe in being your best self, and being proud of it. If you feel alone in your journey to success, trust me you are not alone. Maybe this is the universes way of bringing us together to help each other achieve these goals!!! I would love for you to join me in this journey that leads to growth and happiness.☁️


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