Top 10 Billionaires

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India is working towards becoming a technology powerhouse. This has resulted in several individuals moving up the Richie Rich ladder and becoming a billionaire.

Know about the top 10 Business Leaders of Indian Tech Industry

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Spider are like a nightmare for most of us ... But what if they all were killed all at once ???

Know what changes will we suffer from if we a spider-free world is created !!!!

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The Dirty Secret

All Awesome Things About Cricket

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Know about the interesting history of Indian Cricket ....

Know some of the Most Interesting Facts about Cricket....

Know about some of most Weird and Interesting Records of Cricket World ....

All these .... In only one post

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Amazing Food Facts !!!

20 Food Facts to Blow Your Mind !!!

Fun Facts about Food that you will love !!!

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All About Human Immune System and Immunity and How To Boost it !!!

Fact Of The Day


One poor Texan man learned this the hard way when he shot at an armadillo only to have the bullet ricochet off the indestructible beast, and back at him into his jaw! The man was airlifted to hospital.

Amazingly, the armadillo just walked off unscathed.

NASA thinks it's detected the first "marsquake."

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Earthquakes are expected in many places on Earth, but it turns out they can happen on other planets as well—although they're obviously not called "earthquakes." On April 6, 2019, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory recorded a tremor that they believe was a "marsquake," making it the first quake recorded outside of either the Earth or the Moon.

By Nirmit Shah

All About Indian Automobile Industry

10 Weirdest Sharks !!!

See Them And Say Wow !!!

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