About Jess

Youth Worker. Tea Drinker. Dog Lover.

Introducing Jess. You may call her Jessles, Jessimika or bartender because she loves making a cheeky cocktail or 3 🍹
💫 She is fiercely passionate. A massive over thinker. And loves to get all philosophical
💫 She has a fur baby called Scout. Who she talks about A LOT. So get ready for that
💫 She’s just started drinking coffee but probably shouldn’t because she’s like a kid who’s just drank half a litre of red cordial
💫 She is terrified of clowns and birds
💫 Jack of all crafty hobbies, master of very few
💫 Jess loves a good poddy and just finished #dyingforsexpodcast which was both beautiful and heartbreaking 💗 just make sure you listen in a safe space where you don’t mind ugly crying and laughing simultaneously 😭

Her why behind making a podcast -
“As a society we don’t talk openly or deeply about the things we should be talking about like relationships, careers, mental health and personal development. I’m here to shed light on that shit!” 💕

What I Offer

"Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher." - Oprah

My passion is to be a person in your child’s life they can depend on to light them up, empower them, challenge them and walk alongside them to be the best versions of themselves in every situation.

I offer the following services:
- One on one holistic mentoring support
- Standing Strong group workshops
- Yoga classes and therapy

More info on locations and pricing coming soon!