If we don’t change, we don’t grow 🌱

Kimberly is my name, and I would love to welcome you to my page.

My life changed in July 2019 when I birthed my first born son, Vonalias. Being the most beautiful experience I could ever imagine, the postpartum obstacles I had to face were very overwhelming and challenging. Postpartum hair loss was the worse experience I had as chunks of my hair continued to fall every time I washed my hair. Thank God I was able to find the solution faster than I expected.

In September 2019 I was introduced to naturally based, toxic and cruelty free hair care products that were customized to my hair care type and goals. Not only did I purchase my products but, I started my own business at the same time. Becoming a market partner with Modern Nature was no where in my future but, the opportunity came across my path and I took it without hesitating because being a stay at home mom it gave me something to do, allowing me to be home with my son and still have an income. One of the best decisions I could have made.

Within 30 days of using my new vegan products, my postpartum hair loss was gone. My hair was becoming thicker and growing longer than it has been over the last couple of years. My fear of washing my hair and having chunks and chunks falling out was out the door. My hair is now the healthiest it has ever been after dying it so many times and damaging it with heat.

Also, within 30 days I was able to make my money back from what I invested into my business and more. Now, I have helped many others begin their healthy hair journeys and look forward to continue to help many others. I have also grown an amazing team and not only did they begin their healthy hair journeys, they took upon a life changing opportunity and for some it allows them to stay home with their children while for others it is a second income.

Proud to be home with my son, making money from my phone and introducing others to these amazing products that are legit life changing! It makes me happy to see others happy whether it is because they are seeing amazing results or making money from their phones too.

I love helping others turn their dreams into reality!