Hello Friends!

I’m Kirsten!

As an Albertan born & raised, I’m a lover of the mountains; which also means I’m an avid hiker and camper too! (just don’t ask me to ski!) I live in a small town outside of Edmonton, and I’m lucky enough to be a short drive away from a national park, that my dogs and I love to explore! And while I love exploring everything my own backyard has to offer, I’m also a huge traveller. Before I graduated high school I had already been to over 15 countries! Travelling & exploring has always been second nature to me!

I am also a political sciences student, naturalist, feminist, business owner, cannabis educator, spiritualist, cat & dog mom, hippie, vinyl & vintage lover! I thrive off of things that make ME feel like my best and most authentic self! Toxic free is the best way to be baby

I recently took the plunge to start my own business, and boy oh boy, what a journey that has been! I now get the opportunity to work wherever I want, from wifi. I get to talk about and show the products I use & love, all the while educating beautiful women, and empowering themselves to do the same! I seriously love my job!!

I’m here to tell you that the only limit is your own imagination! Beautiful things come to you when you’re outside of your comfort zone!

I want to thank you for tagging along with me on my journey, I hope that I can share my education & experiences with you along the way, and inspire you to do something amazing for yourself!