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My name is Linisa and I’m a writer, creative and entrepreneur that does way too many things. I love Antigua but I often times find myself feeling claustrophobic living on an island as a creative. As a dreamer and over-achiever, I’m always looking towards the next challenge to cure my boredom.

My website is currently under construction, so I’ve decided to use this new ‘Milkshake App’ to share snippets of my professional life as I continue on my never ending journey to unearth every last potential that sleeps within me.

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Entrepreneur | Content Creator Creative Director

I’m a proud island girl. Born in Guyana, my family migrated to Antigua when I was just 4, and I’ve called the land of 365 beaches my home every since. I’m a content creator, curator and communicator, a writer, poet, playwright and entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of BGR Media & Communications Inc, a public relations, media, communication and brand marketing company. I’m also the Creative Director of an events management company and a real estate agent.

I’m a gender rights activist, using my non profit organization The Black Girl In The Ring Foundation to educate and teach girls and youth about positive sexual health and wellness practices. I’m also the Founder of The Black Exhibit - a creative collective, and the Secretary of the Eastern Caribbean Copyright Licensing Association (ECCLA), which is the rights management organisation in the text and image spheres for the OECS sub-region.

To date, my poetry has been published in three anthologies including The World Record alongside Derek Walcott, the late St. Lucian poet and playwright who received the 1992 Nobel Prize in Literature. My work has been featured in regional and international literary and theatre festivals and used at the college and university level to address themes such as black womanhood and colorism. My poetry has been broadcasted on BBC, and I’ve functioned in the roles of feature writer, Sub-editor and Editor on many projects.

Antigua Carnival 2020

Are you ready to have the time of your life?

Known as the Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival, the Antiguan Carnival experience is an annual celebration of music and dance from the end of July to the first Tuesday in August. It is a festival of colorful costumes, beauty pageants, talent shows, and especially good music. The nonstop revelry of our Carnival offerings includes innumerable smaller festivities, including local concerts, food fairs, parades, and a melting pot of cultural shows.


The best costumes and road experience


Daybreak vibes. Powder. Water. Foam.

Fetes & Events

We don’t party normal.

The Black Girl In The Ring Foundation

Educate Our Girls. Empower Our Future.

The Black Girl In The Ring brand was created in 2013 as a platform to uplift through the storytelling of the diverse experiences of black girls and women. As such, the Black Girl In The Ring Foundation will focus most of its efforts on educating girls as they partner with governmental, non-governmental organisations, non-profits, community groups, as well as regional and international entities to further the cause of gender parity in Antigua and Barbuda.

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