Chzei's Gallery

Liel Chzei Noreen Viado's Artworks During SY 2020-2021

Gases: Beneficial to Human Lives

The oxygen around us as we breathe
The air that we pump on tires
The wind that blows through our faces
All of these have pressure, even if we don't notice it

Pressure is very important to us
Enough air pressure makes us alive
We also use it on our house
Like bikes, balls, and tanks

We should know about gas pressure
For it is something we always encounter
It'll always be part of our lives
We need it for us to survive

Filipino Arts

A poster containing different Arts found in the Philippines!

Hiphop Competition Poster

Join the Hiphop craze!

Hiling ng mga Himig - A Song

Nakikita mo ba? Nadidinig mo ba?
Luha ng mga taong, nahihirapan na.
Iyong pagmasdan, iyong pagnilayan,
Eto ba ang nais nating maranasan?

Tila walang nakakaalam, parang walang nakakaramdam
Tinig ba nati'y pilit nilang tatapakan?
Nasan ang karapatan? Oh, nasaan ang kalayaan?
Sana'y mapakinggan, ito ang tanging inaasam.

Ang Pilipinas ay malaya ngunit bakit hindi yata?
Pagkakaisa't bayanihan tila nabura na nga ba?
Hindi ganito ang ninanais ng bawat isang Pinoy
Sana'y tayo'y bumalik na sa'ting dating simoy


A mirror on the wall shows your true self
Learn to accept it, learn to treasure it
Show them everything, the talents hidden in your shelf
You'll definitely reach your goal, bit by bit

Salpakan - A Found Objects Art

Salpakan, also known as Game of the Generals, is a Filipino war board game.

Forest at Night

An artwork using wash technique.

Let's Dance the Traditional Way!

A poster to encourage people to learn Folk Dance

Be Different, Be Unique!

You don't need to change for people, you are you and we accept who you are!