1-1 Healing Transformation, custom, tailored, Made-for-the-Soul

Does this sound like someone you know?

You are following the day-to-day normalities, but sense there are things undiscovered and something is holding you back. Perhaps you have asked yourself what lies beyond my yoga practice, my work as a graphic artist, my adventures as a traveler. Where is the purpose? What is this life energy? How do I use it? What’s next?

The Spark

If you’re reading this you’ve felt the Spark. That first sign of you lighting up! You know healing isn’t about getting well at the doctor’s office. You know inner healing is about shedding the shit you’ve piled on your whole life & it’s not your fault, but it’s your responsibility to heal. It all starts with saying yes to your truth, owning your soul’s purpose. After all, Radiance begins with one single moment of light.

The Work

The Radiance program delivers tools, processes, and modalities to “discover” your unique inner healing journey. Our program is structured through the lens of growth. Much like a tree, we have the foundation, the roots that stand for what is always true, the very core of our being, unshakeable & unbreakable. Our branches shape and develop with consistency, determination & time. Represented by our practices, careers, relationships. And lastly, our leaves form on their own…growing organically and intuitively, changing with the seasons. An art project, a surf trip, a book we write, a product we launch.

The Path

Radiance has two pathways available to tailor your journey to your life. A 6 week training or a 6 month mentorship. We meet weekly for our 6 week, and every other week for our 6 month.

The Guidance

During my transformation, I went from student to teacher, began traveling solo around the world; left a negative relationship, improved connections with my family, and found my two teachers who I continue to work with. I discovered that my soul’s purpose here on earth was to HEAL! The ancestral karma, family trauma, co-dependent relations, self-limiting beliefs, lack of love. Through healing ourselves, clarity and abundance unfolds and today I am ready to pass this on to others. To my students, clients, friends, family and one day my future children. I sincerely believe that because this program is drafted off my unique story it is meant for those it was made for. Most likely YOU. There’s billions of souls out there, and we connected! After reading this far, this probably resonates with you, and you’re ready for your energetic transformation with me as your guide. So excited to meet YOU!

How do we begin?

Radiance is structured around the mediums I work with (yoga, meditation, sound, positive psychology, energy healing, nature, journaling). We decide what interests you the most & we first sit down to review your finances to set a budget for your program sessions. I am holding open Q&A sessions through January prior to scheduling your intro 1-1 session, which by the way is always, always complimentary. I find that a practice with consistency, enthusiasm, and accountability creates the biggest shifts, so it’s natural to begin by getting to know each other before starting our work!

My Work

I do cool stuff with movement, breath, & energy to heal

Hello all, I help all sorts of individuals through yoga, meditation, breathwork, energy healing & mentorship. I teach at a few studios in Orange County and am available for privates as well. I’m currently completing my 300 hr advanced training at Be the Change with an emphasis on yoga therapy to be able to expand my work outside the yoga studio world.

I work with physical injuries, mental blocks, stress, anxiety, anger management, self limiting beliefs, and daily habits. I also work in more subtle layers through energy clearing, manifestation coaching, soul purpose guidance, and transformational journey mentoring.

I am simply here to help give you tools so you can achieve the healthy, fulfilling, purpose driven life you want. I understand what it feels to have physical limitations (a high school sports injury, car accident and most recently sciatica). Yoga has helped me to get to know my body, and as a result reduce pain, ease pain, and prevent pain.

I know anxiety and anger. From a young age I took after my fathers anger driven behavior and through meditation, focusing my thoughts I’ve been able to pacify my emotions instead of bottling them up. Anxiety manifested as asthma, coughing fits and nausea for me and through breathwork, I was able to almost completely eliminate the fears that caused this.

And lastly, I held a lot of self limiting and low self worth beliefs brought down through generations of women in my family. Not worthy of freedom, not worthy of a healthy body, not worthy of money, my worthy of my own business. Through inner subconscious work, working with my energy, I am able to shift those beliefs into a fruitful business, thriving relationships, and a life with purpose.

I have lived through everything I am teaching, sharing, and guiding. I have also trained under wonderful teachers, mentors, programs, but my own experience is the greatest teacher of them all. Please join me through private sessions, group classes, or a mentorship program.