My top picks

see what I’ve been loving in my everyday life

Recommendation #1

A glass straw with a cute symbol. Easy to clean & doesn’t make your drink taste funny like metal straws.

Green Turtle Comapny

Recommendation #2

Multi purpose bag. You can use it as a grocery bag, a shopping bag, diaper bag or even a purse !

Mesh Market Bag

Recommendation #3

I have thick hair and regular hair ties always break on me or pull on my hair. These don’t do that! It’s easy to take out and won’t break after using it for a few weeks

Spiral Hair Ties

Recommendation #4

Affordable multi purpose tote bags that can be used in your everyday life. I use mine as a purse, to carry my clothes when shopping or to hold my groceries (sometimes as a diaper & toy bag)

Canvas Tote Bag

Recommendation #5

I’m a mom on the go and accidents happen. Keeping this kit with me has made sure that if my little one gets hurt I’m prepared to sooth his booboo. It’s very small and doesn’t take up any space in my bag. Once I’m done with what it came with, I can refill it with my own band-aids and ointment. (Plus they come in cute containers & bandages)

Band Aids

Recommendations #6

I carry a water bottle with me everywhere! I try to make sure I drink enough water in the day to take care of my body so I’m not dehydrated. Also, I get a little thirsty when I’m out running errands. To ensure that I drink the entire bottle during the day, when I’m bored in class I drink water (during two hour lectures you already know I drink the whole thing twice!) This is my current favorite bottle.

Recommendation #7

Toothpaste that looks cute & works amazing! It’s travel friendly, easy to use, and you’re not using plastic.

Toothpaste Tablets