Are you ready to live your dream life & step into the women you were meant to be?

Hi friend, I’m Michelle! It’s so nice to meet you.

As a wife and mom of 2 kids, family has always been a core value of mine. I hated that my family was getting what was left over of me.

I always knew I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, that’s why I became an RN and certified health and nutrition coach.

But y’all the burnout was real. For 12 yrs I was working long 12-13 hr shifts. I would be exhausted when I got home from work and had nothing left to give to my family.

I didn’t hate my job, what I hated was always feeling tired, having my schedule dictated by someone else, being told when I could take a break, eat lunch or take a vacation. I was craving freedom & flexibility.

The turning point for me was when I couldn’t take the full amount of maternity leave. I knew something had to change

8 yrs I was introduced to a business opportunity that gave me hope, that maybe this would be the thing that would allow me to go part time at the hospital. 5 yrs in and that never happened. Though it didn’t work out, I learned a lot through this experience. I learned about leadership, what I was looking for in a partnership and the type of people I wanted to work with.

In 2018 I saw a friend sharing about a naturally based haircare line, which I had been on the hunt for. Little did I know this would forever change my life and become the vehicle that would allow me to retire from nursing, be home & fully present with my family and make an impact in a much bigger way than I ever imagined possible. I found the community I had been craving, the training and mentorship which has allowed me to grow and thrive in my business.

Everyday I wake up with passion and purpose. This is no longer just about the money for me. It lights me up helping other women reach their goals, pay off debt, step away from their full time jobs to be home with their babies and grow in confidence and belief in themselves.

I never imagined I’d be running a successful online beauty business and be leading a team of over 2k, but here I am. I have a true desire to help, inspire, empower and lead others.

If you are burnt out and thinking there’s got to be something more or a better way, then you’ve come to the right place.