Mimi The Beauty Consultant

Hi! I’m Megan aka Mimi. I’m a beauty consultant with Monat but I’m also a dog groomer, pet sitter and dog walker. I own my own business called Mimi’s Pet Paradise and also I’m a Marketing Partner with Monat. I’m here to help you with your hair and skin care and also your lovely doggies fur and skin care as well.

I love helping people and guiding them to feel confident and happy in their own skin. Which is why I love the Monat products! Monat products helped me repair my hairs health and reach my hair goals. Which is why I want to help you get their as well, whether it’s your hair or skin!

I also want to help you with your lovely pooches! I was in FFA during my high school years and also studied as a vet assistant. I always loved getting pretty and I love getting my dogs pretty as well, which is why I got into dog grooming. I worked at Petsmart for 2 years and also studied dog show grooms for 6 months and I studied fusion dog haircuts for 2 years. So if you need recommendations for the best dog shampoos and conditioners then I’m your girl!

Moral of the story... I am here for you. Take my quizzes and ask me questions and I will be more than happy to guide you the right way. Let’s get you that beautiful skin, flawless hair and a pup thats fur and skin is just as marvelous.