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Birth Story

In the Pandemic

We got to 12 days overdue so were heading to the hospital to be induced, restrictions at our hospital meant my partner wasn’t allowed on the wards and only to join during established labour. I arrived at the hospital at 10am and baby was monitored until 11am, when the midwife examined me I was already 3cm dilated so she performed a sweep and inserted the pessary. Baby was examined again til 12pm and we were sent home at 12.30pm and told to come back when I was showing signs of labour.

As soon as I got in the car I felt a contraction and began timing them. For the next couple of hours they were coming every 10 minutes and by 2.30pm they became closer 5-6 minutes apart. We headed back to the hospital by 4.30pm with my partner waiting in the car outside and at 5pm the midwife on duty informed me I should probably go back home as the contractions weren’t close enough, but due to a quick labour with my son I was pretty set on staying at the hospital! She agreed for me to stay for an hour to see how things go and quickly my contractions moved to 2-3 minutes apart. At 5.50pm I felt a pop and my waters had broken and suddenly the pain was really intense and things seemed to happen quite quickly! The midwife said she would come and examine me in 1 hour but after 10 minutes I went back over and insisted I couldn’t wait an hour and asked to me checked quicker. By 6.25pm the midwife examined me and informed me I was 5cm dilated and to tell my partner to come in to meet me in the delivery unit (luckily I already had text him as I knew things were happening quite quickly!) I was taken down to the delivery unit in a wheelchair and by 7pm I was in the birthing pool.

At 7.28 out darling daughter Darcie came to meet us weighing 7lb 12oz on 29/04/2020 ✨ after 1hr 8minutes of active labour. Due to an uncomplicated and straightforward birth (minus a slight concern on blood loss) my partner and I were able to be left to bond on the delivery unit until we were discharged at 2am 💕