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What is Brandon Maxwell trying to tell us?

So, recently the designer Brandon Maxwell presented his new summer collection. There's an important element present in every look, can you guess which?

The new 2020 trend

This year's trend is something really colorful and basic; jewelry. The designer proposes big and colorful jewels, and we LOVE IT!
Something that we can wear on a daily basis, but that we can also wear in a special event. These oversized jewels are perfect for when the good weather comes, and you can not only wear them as earrings or necklaces, but also as belts, as Brandon proposes. This has the potential to be the next trend.

The new color palette

Key question: What are the colors that will take more this season? The answer is in the fashion shows of the last fashion week. Swipe to discover the new color palette!

Earth and neutral colors

This winter we have seen many neutral colors and they have been the kings of the season. This spring they can be seen on the street and on catwalks, so get ready!

Greens, warm colors and textures

Another trend will be green colors, warm colors and different textures such as silk.

Prints and color

the prints, contrasting with the neutral tones, are going to be the kings of this spring. With many patterns and bright colors, the spirit of spring will be reflected; full of flowers and african patterns.