Hi besties you can know me more here!Thank you

a gratefull child of God

Hello!Thank you for visitting this link!I am Reah Barrion.And i believe that i was born on a very young age lol i was born on the day March 12 2010.I love spending time with my Lord,collecting,watching,writting,and repeat.An adn sometimes and always<3.I am a happy person that is the reason why i like giving jokes to all of my friends, families, etc.I love eating mangoes i can also live even if i ate mangoes for my whole life lol•~•.Active in messenger always.The weird thing about me is i dont eat fried eggs just boiled eggs i cant accept it haha!
Destined To Be Yours is my favorite teleserye to watch,if you dont know it just search it jk.It is an AlDub teleserye and it was maded way back 2017^-^.I live in our house loool!I live in the province of Cavite!And i grew up hearing from my family that i am an introvert xd but in fact its true introvert but also an extrovert!!!And thank you for reading this card i really appreaciate it:).I pray that sometimes we can became close with each other!Stay safe,and always remember that "The pain that you've feeling cant compare to the joy that is coming"-Romans 8:18.God bless everyone!