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I was born and raised in Jersey. I was a competitive cheerleader all my life. Went to college to study art (I love everything that involves creativity-from photography, painting, drawing etc). I then switched my major to become a vet technician for my other love of animals. I’m now 25, a wife, a mom, beauty lover and franchise business owner.

My purpose is to show women the importance of self-love. I do this by helping them learn their true potential and show them what’s possible when they take chances and believe in themselves. I have truly found my passion and desire to impact as many lives while making a steady income from my phone!

In August 2019 all I knew was that I wanted to stay home with my daughter Eliana and not miss the precious, once in a lifetime moments with her; for a job. To me, the most priceless things in life are the things you will never be able to buy. However... in this world today you simply NEED money to survive. That’s when I jumped into this opportunity. Social media can easily turn into a highlight reel for others, but here on my page you will learn what I’ve been through, who I am now, and who I plan on becoming. You will be getting the real, raw, relatable and genuine Samantha Robertson.

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