Dream BIG!!

Turn your Dreams into Reality~

Hello lovely, my name is Skye! I'm 25, currently living in Texas and as of recently, been wanting to be the change I knew I needed to be. I needed a change in my life and have decided to hold myself accountable for it! I needed something that was going to help revamp my goals in life and make them attainable. Lucky for me, I found an amazing community that is going to help me with that!

My early 20's looked like many others: broke, living paycheck to paycheck, working long hours at jobs I hated, and felt like my efforts were never going to push me ahead like I hoped. I thought I had to bite my tongue and be the good little worker bee I thought I had to be, only to just be getting by. But as the years went by I realized nothing was going to change unless I changed it! The biggest change that happened to me was oddly enough my hair in the last year and a half, thanks to the quarantine.

I haven't had long hair in over 12 years and as a kid/teen I never knew how to take care of my hair properly because it was always short and all new growth. I was always rockin' a short bob or a pixie cut. I never really wanted to put too much thought and effort into my hair because honestly I didn't really care.
Since the pandemic, I didn't have a choice and grew it out! I don't know why I was surprised that I still didn't know how to take care of it! By the time it was past my collarbones, it was a dry, frizzy mane that honestly I didn't know how to tame. That's when my beautiful best friend opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities where I could meet not only my hair goals, but my life goals as well oddly enough. I can't wait to see where my life is going to be in a year and I'm excited to share it with you!!