ᴏᴜᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ɢʀᴀᴠᴇ

“What’s it to you !?”
( in the words of my cousin.. lol)

My name is Isaiah Williams. I am a 20yr old African American man currently residing in Washington, Nc, which is an actual place lol. I studied at Washington High School, receiving my general diploma in 2018. Now I am currently planning and training to be more than just an entrepreneur but also a stepping stone for many in my generation. My skill sets are in the range of music/singing, art/portraits, photography, design, teaching, and a list of many more things I would desire to sharpen and obtain in the future. There’s not much to me except a vision that I plan to see fulfilled in my generation. Most importantly I am a man of faith. I was saved by my belief in the blood of the risen savior Jesus Christ, transformed OUT THE GRAVE by the power of The Holy Spirit himself! I was called by God at a young age and yet even now, his gentle whisper still rings a beautiful sound in my ears now as a grown man. From being lost in every way in life to now being found in every place God is, I now can live life to my full potential with room to grow.
I claim every name given to me and my existence knowing that even the people around me have a part in creating my legacy. Be blessed by this movement in the form of a page. One day I’ll look back and see this short description as my transcript of growth. Whether you’re here for comfort, curiosity, knowledge, encouragement, or maybe you’re just bored and browsing lol... I pray that you also come OUT THE GRAVE.

John 3:16