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Motherhood Mixed with Low Tox Health & Wellness, + Monetizing Your Closet

I’m Sara.

Mom to a beautiful little girl, wife to an amazing man, and a fur mom to two crazy doggos.

I teach, coach, and am passionate about helping others. 🤍

My low tox journey began when I became pregnant with my daughter. I did a lot of research on what was good for my body while pregnant. That resulted in the conclusion that a ton of my personal care products weren’t good for her.. or me to be honest.

I had to find cleaner products- and after searching I did. Once she was born, I decided that there was no way I could switch back to my old products after knowing what I do now. My daughter opened my eyes to new low tox lifestyle. 🌱

I am far from being a completely non toxic mama, but I intentionally make small changes in my families day to day life to lead us on a healthier journey.

Along this journey, I wanted to expand on my other passion- 🌟CLOTHES🌟 I have found a way to monetize my closet and share the clothes I wear daily with no inventory, shipping, or hassle on my end. AND- these clothes are manufactured in a WRAP certified production line, meaning everyone is fairly compensated along the way🙌🏻

So please take a look around- ask me a question, request a low tox sample, or grab a pair of leggings (for $25 off)! You’re going to love it here.


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