I am so happy you are here...

Im Stephanie and I am 32 years young. I have two tiny humans — Ryann + Ella. 7 year old twins and they are literal life to me. I mean give me all the stress away but you get the gist. My husband is Manoel, if you know you know. Life is tough and I single parent, a lot; but we make it work. It’s our normal for now.

Being a mama opened my eyes to so many things and it made me so passionate about bringing clean items into our home. This world is complicated but your home doesn’t have to be! I started this journey when I personally experienced the aftermath of having toxic products in our home and how it was wreaking havoc on us. I knew we needed better. We deserved better.

One of the hardest things to ditch was our hair products, we tried numerous lines until Monat. CLEAN ingredients and my hair NEVER felt better.

Not only do I use the products in my house but my husband and two daughters (all different hair types) also use these products now. My husband is seeing hair thickness, my daughter Ella can brush through her hair without tears and Ryann she cut down on that frizz and we are all obsessed.

Now here we are. I’m just your average mama trying to cultivate a community of like women who support each other, no matter what. 🙃

A place for us to look back and a goal of mine to post more.

First day of Kindergarten

NYE :: 2019

Da Silva Christmas 2018