about me

a little coffee okay

hii, my name is yasmin and i love outdoor walks, nature, tranquility and a little coffee.
good books and calm ukulele music are also things that I like a lot, cute animals usually cats but I love them all equally.
I don't know what else to write so that's it :3

my top picks

my top recommendations for my followers

idk, my tastes about music, movies and books ;-;


the harry potter books are very good and i highly recommend it.
the books of the golden compass and the sequences that would be "subtle knife" and "amber bezel"
and some self-help books like "what the sun does with flowers", "witches don't go to the fire in this book", "everything about it shines and burns" among many others :)

movies and series

I particularly love hero films, so I recommend all of Marvel and some of DC as well, Harry Potter films too they are great entertainment and I highly recommend all 8. I don’t know why but I always liked Christmas movies, and on Netflix there are some great options like "Christmas chronicles" or "the Christmas prince".
series I recommend Lucifer, who I love very much, friends who are 10 very fun seasons to watch, insatiable and sex education for those who like a teen "drama" with a little bit of romance and +18.


music is a subject that really varies from person to person, but I like the Beatles, Arctic monkeys, blackbear, Ed Sheeran, billie eilish, Melanie Martinez, camila cabello, taylor swift and others.
I can say that I have a somewhat eclectic taste, but they are all great artists and recommend them all :)