If I can make you happy, you will pay it it forward

Obsessed with beauty since I first learned about it when I was adopted from Guatemala and came to the US at the age of nine.

I have been a consultant my entire lifetime. Always referring friends and family to products or routines that I follow, but now I have a job that pays me to do that! I have watched multiple women (who are now my mentors) succeed beyond what they believed they could and broke those skeptical thoughts they all had. Don’t believe me? Go check out Jaqueline Ortega’s page and then let me know if you’re still skeptical!!

This job is about as diverse as the population as this is for people of all types of backgrounds and experiences. Wether you are a mom, teacher, friend, doctor, influencer, or stylist this job is already made for you!

Fill out the application to BE YOUR OWN BOSS and let’s build a strong team who are hungry to make the world bend to them not the other way around!

These products are clinically backed have integrated the understanding that everybody is different. Therefore, they have created multiple products that target each of those differences in each person so you can feel your best!

Fill out the Hair and Skincare Application to see what products have been tailored for you specifically!

My goal is to make you happy so you can pay it forward.

I’m always here -Yos