Love Natural Beauty

Hey Everyone! My name is Amber Colòn!

I am a full blooded Latina with wild crazy FIZZY hair! Just like you I got tired of buying products that just never work for me. If this sounds like you, even if you are not Hispanic, this is what you need to do - KEEP READING!!!

Now that I got your attention here’s some quick facts about myself. I am student, I clean teeth for a living, a photographer, a MONAT Rep and a bad ass momma! I love to paint and take pictures of my daughter in my free time but honestly theres nothing like curling up in a blanket and watching a good movie.

I recently joined power team MONAT with an open mind. I figured, well, I am home anyways why not try to make money. If you are not growing with every passing day - then I’m here to let you know you clicked on the right page! Let me tell you what I do.

I am now a hair and skincare influencer for a vegan company. I have the ability to work from my phone at home on my couch. Working from home in a multi-level marketing company is now the future. Reading about this rapid growing business makes me all more excited and humble. To think that this company is only 5 years old and we have already become a BILLION dollars! Wow! That speaks volumes!

So if this sounds good to you REACH OUT to me! I’d love to chat!!