Aspiring Account Coordinator

Hello reader! My name is Amy Nguyen and I am 21-year-old recent graduate from California State University, Fullerton and if it wasn’t obvious already from my resume, cover letter, and this website, my favorite colors are blue and pink. Hopefully, becoming an Account Coordinator is somewhere in my near future, and becoming a Social Media Manager or an Event Planner is somewhere in my later future, potentially even with your help and advisement!

I love social media (perhaps a little too much) and have already told my best friends that I’m officially planning their weddings when they’re ready (and they happily agreed), so at least I’ve got that settled. I also love learning new things about all kinds of culture from Pop Culture to Intercultural perspectives.

In my free time, I love hanging out with my friends, trying out new places to eat and drink, playing Sudoku, listening to music, viewing various forms of entertainment media, watching the sunrise, being with nature, and learning about spirituality and the likes. I have also studied Astrology for over eight years and Tarot for almost three, so you know the commitment and dedication are there!

Below, I have linked my Portfolium to give you a better insight into my work. I hope that my LinkedIn has adequately portrayed the professional side of me while this card has given you a better understanding of my personality and my character and that this finds you well. Thanks for reading!