Alexandra Moreno

Welcome to my journey with “Monat”

Hello my name is Alexandra, I’m 34 years old, mother of 3, married to my soulmate, proud to say I’m 100% from Puerto Rico.

I made the decision to be part of the Monat Family. My reason “My FAMILIA” to provide them with the BEST and show them Sky is the limit. At the beginning I felt scared of making the step, but I didn’t have a doubt what I really wanted to do so here I am doing the first step of my new beginnings as a entrepreneur with not just a product but with a new part of my family “Monat”.

Let me lead you with everything you need to start a new chapter for your new future with the Monat and Alexandra Familia.

Welcome to our new journey together....



What is Monat?

Naturally based anti-aging hair care that is clinically proven to promote hair growth and health.

Monat is FREE of Parabens, Silicones and Harsh chemicals, VEGAN and CRUELTY free hair care. It’s made to give you LONGER, STRONGER & HEALTHIER HAIR.

Monat Hair Care

Monat Skin Care

The Face of Modern Nature

Be Balanced - This line is for those with normal to combination skin

Be Balanced
Monat Be Balanced is a clean, simple approach made just for you. Age-blurring effects nourish and hydrate the skin you’re in, giving you a brightness, Rennes and healthy looking complexion.

Be Gentle

Be Gentle
Skin that hydrated not only looks healthier, its laso more resilient. This gentle routine is designed to soothe & hydrate your skin with the finest naturally based ingredients for a renewed, healthy-looking, youthful complexion. ,add with the most sensitive skin in mind, it’s Mother Nature-approved.

My experience using MONAT

I will be sharing with you my experience and journey with Monat. Not only using Hair Care products but as well Skin care.

My Package is HERE!!!!

My package as arrived....The beginnings of a new chapter.

REJUVENIQE Oil Intensive

OMG....Rejuveniqe is just PERFECT...!!!!

Look at the amazing difference from before and after.

The difference from my first to the second wash is a HUGEEE change. Just ONLY blow dry.

La diferencia entre mi primer lavado al segundo es un cambio Grandeeeee. Solo secando mi pelo con el blower. No plancha...