About me :)

name(s): Haley (irl name), lea, or ary (nicknames)

age: 12
bday: (dd/mm) 23/05
zodiac: gemini
age range (for friends): 11-16 (not if you’re turning 17 this year though)
gender: female
pronouns: she/they/it
sexuality: bi
relationship status: single but crushing ;))

humour (in emojis): 😭🛐💀😟😰😩😍😃😎🥵😫😕😏❤️‍🔥❤️🥴😮‍💨😶
things I say a lot: LMAO, omg, help, I-, scary, oo, bro, LMFAO BYE, PLS-

dislikes: rude ppl, school, getting up before 11 am, really disturbing gore, r*pe, sexism, racism, homophobes, sh, dry texters, people who use “😂😌😉☺️🤣” hw, chores, exc.
likes: fnf, rblx, tiktok, yt, music, singing, drawing, vcs (voice calls), staying up late, food, anime, roller skating, chopsticks, people who match my energy, exc.

fave music genere: sad
least fave music genere: country- I just hate it sorry no offense🤞
fave singer(s): alec benjamin 😮‍💨‼️, shiloh dynasty, xxx, corpse, snøw
top 50 favourite songs (these arent all my faves tho theres like 40 more 😭😭):
1 being my favourite:
1. be my enemy (alec benjamin)
2. masquerade (siouxxie)
3. change my clothes (dream x alec benjamin)
4. medicine man (alec benjamin)
5. Custer (slipknot)
6. Duality (slipknot)
7. sick of you (DNMO & Sub urban)
8. Hell shell (8D + slowed)
9. You know you like it (DJ snake)
10. cant remember to forget you (Shakira)
11. white tee (corpse) (8D audio)
12. week 7 “ugh” (friday night funkin)
13. Antisocial (Slump6s)
14. owo you’re so warm
15. idfc (blackbear) (slowed + tiktok version)
16. say my name (David guetta)
17. you broke my heart again (Teqkoi)
18. I’ll keep you safe (sagun ft. shiloh)
19. trust nobody (xxx ft. shiloh)
20. worth it (shiloh dynasty)
21. traitor (olivia rodrigo)
22. depression & obsession (xxx)
23. I wanna be your slave (maneskin)
24. NUMB (xxx)
25. $$$ (xxx)
26. BLOOD OCEANS (ghostemane pharaoh)
27. fuck love (xxx)
28. SAD! (xxx)
29. america’s sweetheart (lilhuddy)
30. fire on fire (Sam smith)
31. the eulogy of you and me (lilhuddy)
32. brutal (olivia rodrigo)
33. good 4 u (olivia rodrigo)
34. love is gone (SLANDER)
35. arcade (Duncan Laurence)
36. lovely (Billie Eilish)
37. July (Noah Cyrus)
38. Pray (jxdn)
39. Rise (Jonas blue)
40. shameless (Camila Cabello)
41. I write sins not tragedies (panic at the disco)
42. World is spinning (DMAD)
43. rich boy (Payton morormeier)
44. I think i’m in love again (Kat Dahlia)
45. Savage (Bahari)
46. I’m not enough and i’m sorry (Snøw & Teqkoi)
47. you don’t want me anymore (Snøw & Teqkoi)
48. I’m falling (Teqkoi ft. Groundhold)
49. Please come back (Teqkoi & Ondi Vil)
50. t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l (WILLOW)

nationalities: irish/german/hungarian/mexican/english/romanian/british/scottish (i have a large family and they come from many different places and countries aha- so I have many nationalities c: )

extra: discord dms are open, I prefer male friends (cuz i get in drama w girls), I love love love horror movies sm, my fave anime rn is stay night and kakegurui, I love shein, I love staying up till 3 am (sometimes later it depends how tired i am) and i loveeee monster <3 my fav flavours are ultra violet, pipeline punch, pacific punch, and ultra rosa btw :D

discord: глупая сука <3#0001
insta: swaglea_ (private acc but ill accept requests)
roblox: ildiismyqtt (cant change my user ahh)
yt: not important aha-
pinterest: @trustedhaileyy
tiktok: @0nlylea_
snapchat: qvqdumbgirl (early 2020 user sorry)