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About me

Hi there!! If we haven’t already met, I’m Bailey! This is my fun little blog that I started to share my love for thrifting & sustainable fashion, food, & travel!! I’m kinda new to this so i’m just figuring this whole thing out!!

Here’s just a little info about me: I’m a PLNU college student who wants to be an adaptive PE teacher in the future, I loveeee fashion, the beach is my favorite place ever, but the mountains are a close second, traveling is something I love and wish I could do more of, I’m a type 6w7 enneagram, and my faith is the number one thing in my life as well as my family!

My top picks

Things to do & see in sunny San Diego, CA

Since I spend more than half the year living in San Diego now I figured I would share some of my favorite things to do in my free time outside of school!!

Recommendation #1 : Visit Sunset Cliffs

This had to be my first recommendation due to my school being located right on the cliffs!! I love this place, it’s great to take a stroll and watch the sunset or to enjoy the cliffs and caves located on the water!

Recommendation #2 : Liberty Station

Liberty Station is a college students heaven; packed with great art, local shops, coffee spots, and good food this place does not disappoint! This is a great opportunity to get to know the community of Point Loma and connect with locals.

Recommendation #3 : Moniker General

Moniker is a personal favorite of mine. This cute and welcoming coffee shop/ general store is always busy with plenty of students studying, friends enjoying coffee, or people shopping in the store! Everyone is very friendly and the coffee is delicious!

Recommendation #4 : Little Italy Farmers Market

This farmers market is one of my favorites! This Saturday morning activity is a perfect way to support local artisans and businesses, as well as buying fresh local produce and goods!!

Recommendation #5 : Balboa Park

This beautiful place is filled with so many activities that are fun for everyone! Whether you go to enjoy the scenery, or want to learn about the history & cultures of San Diego, this place has something for everyone!

Recommendation #6 : Better Buzz

This is an absolute must when visiting anywhere in San Diego! They have the best coffee around and if you’re looking for somewhere that is instagramable, well then you’ve come to the right place!