By Abbie and Emily

Bibity bobity boo me a bf👍💅💅

Hey girls and gals! We are Abbie and Emily and we are here to teach you great relationship advice. This website will teach you how to get a boyfriend and how to not make guys think that you’re an absolute psychopath ( no offence material girl👹 ) don’t worry we are professionals and we know that nobody will say no to you again. Just follow are definitely easy steps and bish bash Bosch you are done and you’ve got the best boyfriend ever 🤑

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Our first method 🎉😍

1. Plan

- Find a boy that you like but he doesn’t like you back
- Try become closer friends with him from one week to 4 weeks
- Once you guys are good friends ask him if you can give him a makeover so he actually look half decent
-Hang out with ugly girl so you’re the cutest one there
-never refuse a date even if you’re taken
-be elegant and not like a Sloppy pig
-Save them in your phone as a celebrity ( Example Tom Holland💞 )
- when they hang out with you show them what you’ve saved them as and ask them the big question 
-they should say yes but if they say no then kick him in the face and tell him to turn into James Charles🛍😤

Method number 2🤍👍

How to marry him 💒💍 💕

-After one or two months make him die your hair matching colours
-Hint to him that you want to get married
-Send him pictures of rings and say it was an accident
-Purposely leave tabs open of you looking at wedding dresses on Google
-if I ask you about it just pretend that you don’t know anything
-Wear cute white dresses around him👰‍♀️
-calling your hubby in front of your friends and see what he does🤵
-Ask him out on more dates and there’s a bigger possibility that I’ll ask you out in a public restaurant🍗🍟🍕
-go to a Jewelry shop and point out the rings that you would like him to get you💍

Hinting is the best 👶

How to hint you would like a family

-Download an app where it morphs faces to see what the baby looks like
-Make sure the guy is cute so your child is cute
-Start buying baby clothes
-Maybe buy a small pet
-When you go out shopping always take a while looking at the pram shops
- if your friend has a child say to your boyfriend or Husband saying oh my God the baby is so cute
-Start asking if he thinks baby names are cute

Then cabam you have a family 😚🤪😎🤩🥳

If Things don’t go as always planned don’t get sad

Our top tips on heartbreak ❤️‍🩹

With our amazing advice this should never happen but if your partner don’t worry you can fix yourself and find a new amazing partner with that amazing tips to help you get with the first one. DO NOT STRESS IT IS OK ✅
-if you have children when you spend time with them make sure you have fun
-try not to discuss it a lot around the children in the first couple of months of it happening
-mention it to the school so they know the kid situation ( optional )
- if your child is in a bad mood and doesn’t wanna speak don’t force them to toilet then let them have some personal space
-i’m not sure that your child is okay with going back and forth to each parent
-make sure the room is perfect for the child ( there is nothing better than a nice room 🛏)
-give the child privacy but if they want to talk , talk to them