h i, i m a b b i g a i l

welcome to my life, where everyone is welcome

As most young adults, we are forced to quickly find out what we want to do... and then do it for the rest of our lives. And that.... for me... just isn’t right!

I’m a free spirited, life loving, 23 year old who just up and moved my life to Tampa, Florida. I am full of smiles, giggles, love, and support. I love helping others, working with others, and being a leader. Working towards a healthier future altogether.

Most of all, I pride myself on being a positive & real light into the life of a 23 year old who decided to take control, write her own path, and N O T follow societies norms.

I’ve been mentoring, learning, guiding, and paving the way through my beauty business with so many other amazing men and women. We are bettering ourselves personally, and financially! Don’t you think everyone should be furthering their knowledge and growth?? Cause heck i do!

Hopefully I can help guide you through a skin transformation, hair transformation, or both! Maybe even a financial transformation, an empowering transformation, or alllll the above! Serving you the best, most luxurious, vegan, and healthy products that.... wait you’ll never believe it.... FREAKING WORK!

Whatever you need, I’m here for you! Even if it’s just a listening ear! But hey, you’re reading on and searching my page for something more.... so what is it?

so what’re you waiting for?

let’s transform your skin, hair, L I F E?!

retail babe

try some non-toxic skin or hair care at full price + shipping, b u t z e r o commitment!

V I P babe

y o u love a bomb ass discount! Let me personally customize a hair/skin regimen specifically for you. You get a minimum of 15% off the products, every time! Plus you get...
- birthday discount
- more discounts up to an additional 25%
- free products
- free shipping
- chance to earn product credits
- access to even more sales

b o s s babe

take the leap & become my business partner!

what’s this mean?
~ you can start earning money right from your phone! no requirements, no inventory, no boss!
~ I’ll be here to guide you and work with you to meet your income goals!

As a Market Partner you can earn...
~ financial freedom
~ time freedom
~ a supportive & empowering gang
~ personal growth & development
~ confidence
~ independence
~ leadership & marketing experience
~ all expense paid trips
~ a company paid for, brand new... Cadillac
~ a minimum 30% discount on all products
~ the ability to help others

& that’s just the beginning!

You get 30 days to try out the business risk free! Soooo everything to gain and nothing to lose!

work with us

i mean seriously, there is absolutely nothing to lose