Hey beautiful

Little bit about me

So here’s the tea...I’m 19 years old from Massachusetts. I am currently working towards a business degree and a new marketing partner for this amazing company!!! My world revolves around my puppy Aspen she makes my life fun and hectic. I also love to travel!!! I would hop on a plane any day if I could. Hoping to reach all 50 states by 21...were working on it. 90% of the time you will catch me in athletic gear but I’m probably going to the salon. I grew up a major Tom boy with all boy cousins in the family. The only girl I had was my older sister to take me to get my nails done. So I played sport, not barbies. Even though those are my roots, today I’m a little more glam and glitter then down and dirty. My friends always love to tell me I have to many clothes and shoes...I guess my favorite therapy is retail.

The high life movement

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