Abcott'$ ¢enter : Real People giving Real Deals

Offering Affordable Prices on Everything from Everyday items to Rare Collectables and Antiques

Our store is two person start-up. Me and my other half work well together on a level I've never seen ! Between us there's nothing we can't do or can't get done. We've helped each other grow to be the best versions of ourselves and now , with energy and focus unseen before we tackle our next challenge in life. Starting and growing a small business into a well oiled money making machine that over time will become a household name across the country and possibly across the Globe.
We're opening this store as our first legitimate business ! Not that anything we've done has been illegal , it just hasn't been licensed, marketed or insured, basically just buying and selling products to anybody and everybody and from anywhere and everywhere ! With a newborn baby and each having a child from prior relationships we have new motivation and existing drives that will launch us upward and carry us through to reaching our goals.
Abcott'$ ¢enter will have a store front and physical location in the very near future. As for now we are opening online and doing a little local marketing and everybody knows the best way to market a business is word of mouth so stop in our location if it's an option or browse through our products online, either way come spend some money and then relay the savings, courteus and friendly service and our wide range of products to your friends and family !!
From everybody here at Abcott'$ ( just the two of us ) we wish all the best !! Stay Blessed !!