Abel Yares Costa

Inspiring others is what I enjoy most with this work.

My mission is to guide others to step into their highest alignment. By channeling the highest frequency of unconditional love—Visionary Readings—we move from healing our wounds to manifesting the life of our dreams with abundance.

The following pages will expand on my offerings and thank you in advance for reviewing these pages.

Offering 1:

Mindful Healing Mentor

The purpose of our work together is to awaken to your greatest potential—offering you the guidance on your journey to creativity and abundance—from a deeper place.

Spanning over 20-years, my work has evolved as a body-oriented therapist to mentoring—a unique blend combining visionary readings, healing and strategy. I’ve explored and mastered the healing arts from around the globe—a diverse practice grounded in cognitive science and mindfulness.

My approach to mentoring is simple—together we identify the hidden roadblocks and transform them into a source of inspiration. Visionary readings provide a deeper perspective and a roadmap to guide your evolution into the unknown with the highest frequency of love and light.

Virtual: WhatsApp
In person: Lisbon Portugal

Community Gatherings

Inner Journey Experiences

Inner Journey Experiences are designed to elevate our consciousness. With insight—we access higher conscious states to support transformational healing and wellness—tapping into our creative energy.

The Golden Space
A monthly gathering to foster human connection, growth and expansion for higher conscious experience.

The Soft Focus
A bi-monthly gathering, we use Inner Journey Experiences to dive deeper into the energies of creativity to manifest a brighter world as a collective—first and foremost on an individual level.

Please connect for our 20/20 calendar in Lisbon, Portugal.



Please feel free to connect for more information about our gatherings, to work with me virtually or in person—currently residing in Lisbon, Portugal.