About Me

Humanity in Heart and Justice in Mind

I have been thinking about how I should describe myself. The question is how can any person describe himself on the basis of his social, economic or religious background. In fact in doing so we are identifying ourselves with our jobs, wealth, degree and caste. This is very dangerous and causes egoistic attitude. Rather according to me Life is means to find the real ME.


Karma leaves no one unpunished.

A man is known by his work and karma .This is the basic rule of life, but there are certain people who do not know what is their dharma or path of life and lead to the karma which destroys their life and relationships. Karma never leaves anybody unpunished. I am one of such a person. Lost in my own world and worries I forgot who I am and just flowed with the course of river which came from the chain of thoughts of others. In doing what it pleased others,I accepted dharma which was not my own and thereby I myself led the ship of my life in the dangerous whirlpool of karma and finally at present I can see that I have failed and lost everything that I had earned by lots of hard work and determination. I have lost all the charm,peace of mind and the bond of relations. I have lost the trust of my loved ones. I have hurt all the people who are most close to my heart and mind,I have even lost my mental and physical health. This phase of life is very much difficult and has shown me the real picture of life.Now I feel that I have lost everything,so I have no fear of losing anything of value. I don't know whether I will be able to gain what is lost,but I will live life without any sort of burden now.
"A peasant has better sleep than King"
I am a poor peasant in the world of relationships,having nothing,now I think I will have better sleep.
My Life is disaster at present,but after every disaster there is ray of new morning. I think I deserve second chance and free life. I hope for the best. Let's see what are the gifts awaiting for me in the treasure chest of future. May Lord provide me required qualities to be a better person.

A ray of hope is all it needs.
Position of most of the Men today.....

The Priest? In the Temple of Justice

The Priest? In the Temple of Justice. The man is the social animal. This line is taught to every budding lawyer. Why is it so important to know the nature of man, even before you learn any foundation of law? The best reason for this question according to my perspective is that before going into the details of rules which a budding lawyer is going to study, it is important to know the subject to which those rules are applied, rather to which animal the rules are to be applied. Yes, you read it right, I am talking about the most intelligent and civilised? animal on earth. In the context of the present scenario man is trying to erase his identity as a human being and is more inclined  towards animals. These are the dark times for people in the field of law and Justice. No, I am not here to preach some impractical and impossible moral science, but I am only trying to throw light on the so-called civilised society and the relationship between the society and administration of justice in the present scenario. Being a lawyer is taken very lightly these days mainly in developing countries like India. The profession of advocacy has a glorious history and we call it a noble profession, it requires lot of hard work and a great study of basic rules of interpretation. Now-a-days there is a general downfall of morality in the world and our profession is also worstly affected by it. Lawyers are the most important priests in the Temple of Justice. But in today's society the same priest has lost the sense of holy nature of this profession. The advocacy is simply a means to earn a living and not the Puja of Justice. Now many of my friends will say that lawyers also has a family to maintain. I agree with this particular sentence, but my friends' such thinking is leading to the degradation of our dignity as well as the nobility of profession. We should always try to strike balance between our needs and wants.  My friends I am not saying that we should practice law without any consideration but we should try to strike balance between our fees and the matters we handle, and see whether we are having a human heart while dealing with any matter or we are behaving like civilised animals? My Learned friends are prudent enough to know the implications of this particular sentence. We, being the advocates, have great responsibility of promoting and protecting the Civilization which is built by our forefathers by much hard work and efforts. Law is the foundation stone of any civilization and in my view the persons involved in the administration of law and justice should be scholars having practical attitude but most of all there should be 'Humanity at heart and Justice in mind' I know morality is a subject of debate and I am not the one who can comment on morality in Legal Profession. This is just my effort to persuade all my Learned friends to think about the nature of profession in the present scenario.