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Fear, Monotony and Circles

You wanna live in the caves
Safe and caged,
You live every moment like it's forever
So protective and conquered by fear,
In this very confinement, you get used to the monotony

You never went to the shore,
Afraid that you'll drown
You never got out at night,
Afraid of not just one but so many things
All this life you ran in circles,
You place your happiness in objects,
If I robbed all your wealth and assets
You'll be left with nothing but grief and sorrow!

Feelings make no relevance to you
Greed takes over; you start looking for benefits in everything
This place you've made,
Where marks overlook talent and arts is a dumb choice!

For you love is a quid pro quo relationship,
You wanna grab something from them,
so you invest (love) in them
You never realise love is faith;a connection
So you hate to be lonely,
And never discover;
The serenity in solitude
And when you know you'll die
You wanna live more, more of that lie.

But I wanna roam around the forest
In the moonlight
Look upon the ferocious mountains,
The same one that looked pious in the sun
I wanna go out at night
Feel the cold silence of the streets,
Noise of the wind and mystery of the sky
love and live like there ain't tomorrow,
With all my faith, soul

I want to be ripped,hurt!
Iwanna experience life
Know that happiness is a choice
So I don't derive it from people or money Before fear confines my liberty,
I'll learn to efface the fictional fear
Which just resides in my mind, it ain't real!
When I confront death
I'll confront it with grace and not fear,
For I've lived with grace and not fear.

Author : Depalaxmi Pillai



Adversities: Fear and courage

Fear is for the people living in protection,
Not for the ones in danger
Fear is for the one who lives in a cage,
Not for the one who roams in the wood
Fear is for the one who is afraid of hell,
Not for the one who has experienced hell
Fear is for the one who over thinks,
Not for the one who controls his/her own thinking
Fear is for the people who don't want to lose things,
Not for the ones who possess nothing
Fear obstructs clarity,
Fear is an illusion
So, When adversities crop up,
When tribulations are hurled at you,
Seek gravity towards clarity
In consonance with your conscience
Repelling from the farce of fear
Lose yourself and experience the pain,
Churn your vulnerable self through the adversities,
Till you emerge out as a rising Phoenix
When you turn the adversities into challenges
You explore and unleash the fighter in you,
That you don't give adversities the privilege to scare you,
And from the melange of adversities, fear, dilemma and obscurity
Courage and clarity shall ooze out
You'll adorn grace and saunter down the aisle of hinders sumptuously.
Author : Abhinaya Pillai


In an eternity

I will learn,
Inspite of knowing I won't cover it all
I'll lack something
But I'll keep learning in an eternity,
I'll keep growing in an eternity.

I'll seek and not conclude
For the truth,
I might know that I won't find it in this lifetime
But I'll keep seeking in an eternity.

This world makes a balance of contrasts
There can't be demons without angles or good without bad,
There won't be a day without crime
But I'll strive to achieve it,
In an eternity.

I'll walk miles,
Of an unknown destiny
Venture into an uncertain future
Embrace the tumbling stones in the dark
Welcome the box of surprises,
Meet every character, feeling their skin and walk inside their body
And in that eternity
Exist a lifetime

Purpose is not the end
If you have none
You live in and on
In an eternity

Death? For Yet another stage of existence?
I live to quench my thirst to question
Uncertain if I may get the answers
But I continue to question in an eternity

I continue, continue to resist, flow and embrace
In an eternity

Author: Abhinaya Pillai


Fanaticism: A possession

Sheer religious fanaticism comes with destruction.
Fanaticism is a possession,
That cages your liberty
Cripples your vision of clarity,
And disables you from experiencing peace
That fosters an unrest in you,
Which manifests the potential devil in you,
And you start quivering!

The dogma has bewitched you
Oh but it's too late now!
This has been infecting you in bits,
You could've protested
Instead you complied stoically
But you don't realise...
Cause you are not what you are,
You've allowed yourself to be owned by fanaticism.

You've become a slave of your piled up be'LIE'fs
The seeds of inquisitiveness are sowed in every being
But you became a victim of unsolicited foisting 'make-believes'
Subservient to the claims that were made!

You didn't inquire, you choose to believe,
You perhaps didn't bother to experience
You rusticated your growth,
Trapped your Liberty,
Cultivated a disaster!

Author: Abhinaya Pillai