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I thought I would introduce myself a little bit - I’m an everyday woman from Malaysia , and a hoarder of Indian Classical Dance and Natural Beauty Products :). I'm also a bookworm, it is my own form of therapy.

I will admit that though this blog would be largely dedicated to Dance related subjects and DIY natural beauty products, there will probably be other entries on other things such as everyday life, my baking or cooking success or disasters, book reviews and occasionally something on mental health 😇

Basically, this blog is supposed to be fun and informative, not just for me of course, but mainly for all of you! ;)  You can also find me on Instagram : @abhirupaartistry

I would love to hear from all of you, so feel free to comment, and subscribe, and I am always open for any suggestions on natural skin & hair care and also song suggestions for more dance videos😉

Stay Beautiful!


Dhanya Sree

My Top Picks

One Stop Hair Solution

Is your hair falling? Damaged due to chemicals applied to it? Having itchy scalp issue, dandruff, eczema or balding? ⁣
Do you know that by using Voila Oil you can see the difference in the 1st use itself!! Get your bottle of goodness now!⁣
1.Keeps your scalp healthy.⁣⁣
2.Prevents/Reduces hairfall.⁣⁣
3.Promotes Hair Growth⁣⁣
4.Helps with dandruff and itching.⁣⁣
5.Conditions dry, under-nourished hair.⁣⁣
6.Relieves Eczema symptoms.⁣⁣
7.Gives you beautiful thick, long and lustrous hair.⁣⁣
Home made with pure coconut oil, curry leaves, henna leaves, thulasi leaves, neem leaves and fenugreek and a whole lot of herbs that are nutritious for your hair and scalp❤⁣⁣
Traditionally used by our ancestors, grandparents and now passed down to us.. wanted to share it with you as our hair is a symbol of our pride😘⁣

From us to you💓

As a team, we bring to you a bunch of goodness through dance, music and selfcare❤️