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Graduated with a degree in Business Administration, majoring in marketing. Worked in digital marketing (SEO and SEM) and front-end web development and transitioned to retail. Experienced with customer service and worked as a visual merchandiser to analyze data sets and create reports for product placements. I am currently upskilling in the field of ICT Business Analysts as I plan pursue a higher degree in the near future and near experience for it.

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This paper suggests a prime location at St. James Arcade in which the current tenant is Canturi, a jewelry store. The recommended location is alongside the main street which allows accessibility for parking and dropping off. As it is not within the mall, it is not subjected to a mall’s shopping hours. The proposed spot is furnished withrectangular window displays, visiblesignage spots, and two visibleentrances.

Retail Management


DivaCup is a menstruation cup from the company, Diva International. The firm is currently present in only 22 countries and India is not one of its markets. India has an untapped market that can potentially steal market share with its right demographic and economic external environment. The intended strategy for Diva International is to grow and to develop a market in India and set its strategy through
differentiation. Currently, there is low rivalry among established firms in India’s market. However, such products hold cultural stigma in certain regions.

Strategic Management


MECCA is an Australian brand that offers a selection of beauty products from makeup, skin, body and hair care. This distribution plan is specifically built for the MECCA Cosmetica's Sunscreen- To Save Face SPF50+ sold in the Australian market. The strategic significance of this intended distribution channel is to sustain the existing market from deterioration and expanding the distribution channel. As sunscreen has a niche market in Australia, the goal is to achieve sales increase and wider market coverage.

Supply Chain Management


i needed space so I compiled my videos. it is in progress and wouldnt say it's my best.

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