Media and Information Literacy

Imagine a world without traditional media

Traditional media is still the most reliable news source, and because it is instantly recognizable, it is vital for communicating brand messaging. Newspapers, magazines, radio, and television will always be familiar to everybody, regardless of age, because they have been there for decades, and newspapers date back centuries.(, 2020). The traditional media serves a good foundation for the new media. A world without traditional media will be difficult specially with the start-ups because it's essential for conveying a brand messaging and with old media it can help save time and money. As we all know that media helps us a lot like media is the one that helps us to stay connected and spread news. If there is no traditional media its hard for us to communicate and stay connected because its the fastest way for us to stay connected, we can use letter writing to stay connected but its not fast as traditional media. Its also hard for us to gain knowledge, information and news because there is no other way for us to spread news and information about something.


The impending return of Face - to - face classes in some schools in the Philippines

Media and Information Literacy

It’s been many months since COVID – 19 breakout started and education for numerous students is still disrupted. Prior to the epidemic, Philippine education was in a horrible state and it is even worse now. (Punongbayan, 2020)
In the first place, Education is for everyone, it’s our right to have a good education, and it’s not only for people who can afford it. Distance learning is not for everyone, as we all know that not everyone can afford a device for online learning and not everyone can afford Wi-Fi connection though there’s a positive side in the distance learning such as no commute and flexible time.
Moreover, before the government reopen schools, they must improve the vaccinations and pandemic response. The schools and students must also do their part when the government reopen schools. The schools must assure that their facilities and high touch surfaces are clean, and for the students and teachers, they must be vaccinated and follow safety protocols such as practice social distancing, wear mask, and keep their hands clean.
Lastly, because of the Duterte government’s poor pandemic response, there are various reasons to conclude that young Filipinos are not receiving the education they deserve and Teachers face a difficult task in ensuring that their lectures are conveyed to their students via the internet. (Punongbayan, 2020).