About Me! :)

I’m Ariana! You can call me ari for short.

I don’t feel really comfortable sharing my age on the internet.
Favorite Emojis

My favorite emojis are 🥲,❤️‍🔥,💕,🐈, and 🪐.
I don’t really know why those are my favorites, but they are my favorites!
Favorite Animals

My favorite animals are cats and dogs, but all animals are cute! Some other animals that are kinda my favorites are rabbits and guinea pigs.
What I Do When I Have Free Time

I like to call friends, watch YouTube/TikTok, spend time with family, draw, etc.
My Brothers!

I have 2 little brothers, in some of my TikTok videos! The youngest brother’s name is Jaxon, and the middle brother’s name is Ethan. Me and Jaxon don’t have a middle name, but Ethan has one. Jaxon’s birthday is on November 22nd, Ethan’s birthday is June 17th, Ethan was born on Father’s Day! I was born September 3rd.

Throughout the years, these are my pets.

2014: Jake🐶, Luigi🐱
2015: Jake🐶, Luigi🐱,Bella🐕
2016: Bella🐕, Kiki🐱, Kookoo🐱
2017: Bella🐕, Kiki🐱, Eli🐈‍⬛
2018: Bella🐕, Kiki🐱, Eli🐈‍⬛
2019: Bella🐕, Kiki🐱, Eli🐈‍⬛
2020:Bella🐕, Kiki🐱, Eli🐈‍⬛,Bubbles🐟
2021: Bella🐕, Kiki🐱, Eli🐈‍⬛,Bubbles🐟

In 2014, we had Jake and Luigi.

In 2015, Jake passed away due to cancer, Luigi passed away due to old age. We got Bella while they were still here.

In 2016, we got Kiki and Kookoo! They were twin cats. Kookoo died a few days later due to sickness, they were both sick, but Kiki was the only one who made it.

In 2017, we got Eli to replace Kookoo.

In 2018-2019, everything was the same.

In 2020, we got Bubbles.

In 2021, bubbles stayed on the bottom of the tank for a few days, he used to do that a lot, so we considered it normal. When we noticed he wasn’t moving at all, we knew something was wrong. A few days later, he passed away.

RIP to the pets that aren’t here.🕊

When Bella gets a new toy, she destroys it in like 2 hours🤣
Favorite Colors❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

All of the colors are my favorite, but I’ve liked green the most of all of the colors my whole life.🐢🌱🥝🍏🌳
Favorite Holiday and Least Favorite Holiday.

My favorite holiday is Christmas! (It was yesterday when I made this!)
Some things that I got is a remote control car, a ring light, mini brands series 3, sky light, camera film, etc. (not trying to brag, I’m really grateful!)🎁

My least favorite holiday is Halloween because it’s usually pretty scary and I get scared pretty easily, I also usually eat only some of the chocolate candy from trick or treating.
Favorite Food and Drink

My favorite food is walking tacos and chicken!🌮🍗
My favorite drinks are water and Arizona tea!💧☕️
That’s all I could think of now! If I get any more ideas/updates or think of anything else I’ll add it! Have a great morning/afternoon/night!😁

(new posts on socials coming soon!)