EUPHORIA On Visible Idol Radio 2021

Members :


2009-2020 : Pre-Debut Activities

On September 9 2009, Amber Has Been Debuted At Her Age 15 With Their Debut With F(x) La Cha Ta And There Statement On 2021 They Had Not Disbanded Yet.

YuJeong Was Contestant On Produce 48 She Was Eliminated On Second Round

Sophie Was Student On Great Christian Academy And Sophie Had Left On Golden Values School

Subin Was Member Of Kaisercrew And They Uploaded First Dance Cover On YouTube Due To Members Issue On 2021 The Group Dance Crew Kaisercrew Officialy Disbanded

2021-Present : Swearing Conversations & Addition Of Amber

On December 4, Sophie Has Diffently Throbbing Her Phone That Addicted To
On AMBER's Twitch Stream

On December 4, Euphoria QT Posted Statement In Facebook SMS App.

2021-Present : Departure Of Bighit Entertainment New Company And Hello

On December Bighit Entertainment Announced The Statement Saids

"The Group Had Not Disbanded Yet To Reunion As Kpop Girl Group."
Euphoria Has Signed With New Agency Following Their Departure From Bighit Ent.
Under New Company At Interpark Music Plus Subisdary Of Interpark.

On December 6 Interpark Posted A Statement That Euphoria Will Be Making Infinite Hiatus On Interpark As Indipendent Girl Group The Album Has Composed Of Four Tracks.

2022 : Reformation Debut As 8 Members,Debut With One,Two Three Postponed & Departures

On December 21 It Was Announce That HyeongJun,Habin And Hanbyeol Will Become Members To Create They Seen At Euphoria Episode For First Time. They Will Make Debut On January 2022 With One Two Three They Released Their Time Table From Their Instation For Their Everlasting Debut Single From One Two Three They Released The Schedule.

On December 22 Euphoria Announced That Subin Decided To Say Thank You To Educators From She Has Graduated From Euphoria Congrats To Her In The Issue She Had Left To The Group

2021 : Line Up Changes

On December Euphoria Announced Back-Up Members On Line Cases Because Of Covid 19 Euphoria Typed On Tiktok App 'Delete Goodbye'.