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hi im vi or vivi. i was born on the 22nd of august, and have 2 siblings. i am going to have a baby brother in february (so exited). i grew up in texas and currently still live in texas. this place is honestly like home to me. i have 4 pets. one dog, and 3 cats. my dogs name is birdie. shes a cute lab mix. she also has the zoomies A LOT. she is 2 years old. one of my cats name is olive, the first cat i got. shes black and white and super chubby. shes so cute, and five years old !! my second cats name is clover. shes a super cute and bossy cat. she is also five years old and purrs a lot. my last cats name is pickles !! he is two years ild and loves to play. all of my pets are girls besides pickles. i love them a lot. now, more about me again. i love music a lot and i also really love sketching / drawing. at my school i have no friends but thats ok tbh. anyways, thats about all i have to say about myself !! <3

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favorite things !

hey, its vi again! here is a list of some of my favorite things :))

• food - ramen, salad, and pho ! 🍜
• drinks - water, capri sun, and lemonade !
• shows - pll, chucky, and teotfw ! 📺
• movies - coraline, IT, and wonder !
• colors - forest green, red, and purple !
• singers - ayesha erotica, taylor, and gwen !
• bands - gorillaz, t.A.T.u., and neighborhood !
• apps - spotify, netflix, and wattpad ! 📖
• places - home, school, and gas station !
• chips - just funyuns !! 🧅
• animals - cats, bunnies, and fox’s ! 🦊

thats about all of my favorite things !! 🤍🤍