As we grow we are defined by the people in our lives. Society has a need to squeeze us into boxes that meets their need for defining us

There came a time in my life where I found myself questioning the reason for my being, I had lived my life dancing to the tune of someone else’s drum, and depending on who you asked that person would define me in a completely different manner,
I was a dutiful daughter and later a wife,
I was the studious student and later a diligent employee
I was a target of a predictor and later a survivor of assault
The questions that came up were a result of events that happened beyond my control - if I was the dutiful daughters husband then did my parents abandon me ? If I was a dutiful wife why then did I become a statistic of a marital affair. A conscientious employee? Why then was I living pay cheque to pay cheque ?
I was unsatisfied and I couldn’t understand why? Why did I not align with any of these descriptions?

So began my deep dive into my self, in an attempt to discover who I am and what it is I am here to do ! I have emerged 20 years later wiser and with an understanding that change is the on constant, That life is a journey of discovery and growth. I have leant a great deal and garnered the tools to survive this beautiful journey that is life

I want to help you too discover your true Centre and to claim the life you desire .

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Reinvention is the mother of necessity

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