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About me

My background is in hairdressing and I have been hairdressing for 10 years and i have worked hard to become very successful. I love creating natural and chic hairstyles for my clients and making them feel special. I love making a positive impact on others and making them feel great.

However, around 4 years ago my mental health took a hit. In the effort of feeling like I needed to please everyone around me and not setting healthy boundaries, i recognised that i was forgetting my own health and wellbeing needs.

For many years i was in denial that i was experiencing burn out. After a traumatic back injury this was the kick i needed and it highlighted how important my health was to me. I began then, on what i like to call, a wellness journey. I immersed myself in to mindfulness, CBT, skilled courses and started reading personal development books.

Then I met Emily my mentor at a community gathering event and she told me about Arbonne. I was totally blown away by Arbonne as a brand. I love Arbonne’s holistic approach to healthy living inside and out. I understood the mind, body and skin connection from my own experience. Arbonne have also received B corporation status which means legally, they balance the welfare of the people and the welfare of the planet before profit. By 2025, they have pledged to reduce plastic by 50% across their vegan skincare, makeup and nutrition range and have already started implementing this. I loved the concept of being coached and mentored every step of the way by people already in the business and the idea that i could create more choices and leave a legacy for my family. Initially i was worried that i wouldn’t have time for it around my hairdressing but Emily explained to me that you only need small pockets of time to slowly build your business. Im so glad i said yes as Arbonne is all about positivity, community and empowerment . This community of likeminded, ethical and driven individuals breathe belief in you when perhaps you don’t believe in yourself. I am now building my own business to help empower other men and women who like me are looking for time freedom, residual income, more choices in life, have a love for vegan products, care about the future of the planet and I would love to empower others who have had similar struggles to me who also want to flourish and grow with emotional intelligence with my support.