Aloha everyone!

My name is Jules & I am an abundance & life coach, here to help you reach the success you’ve always wanted. Financially, mentally, emotionally & relationally.

I am a Fortune 500 top 1% marketing champion
I am also a beauty pageant title holder
A world traveler
A motivational speaker
Engaged & getting married to my childhood friend
& make well over 6 figures annually

It wasn’t always like that though, in fact, I actually used to be a waitress at Red Lobster and came from very humble beginnings being raised by a single mom. My life has changed drastically within the past decade & my heart is to show others exactly how I did it. I want to see you win.

After I was inducted into my companies hall of fame: Club Elite for being top 1%, I decided it was time to share all my secrets & tips to success to help others reach their goals. I didn’t want to just see me win, I wanted to see everyone else win as well.

I am a mindset coach. A self love coach. An abundance coach. A goal achieving life coach - I have successfully shown others how to attract wealth into their life, how to attract healthy relationships into their life, how to get what they want out of life, achieve their dreams & thrive.
It is my greatest joy to bring 20+ years of wealth of knowledge to all of you.

I changed my entire life & so can you.
I do have a pretty full roster of clientele but I am willing to take on a few more clients. My heart is to help as many people as I can.

I do 1 on 1 coaching as I am invested in my clients, seeing others win and live the life they’ve always wanted- is my greatest joy.

For inquiries on 1 on 1 coaching with me or as a motivational speaker contact me @ [email protected]

Your abundance coach Jules

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There’s something in you, in all of us that’s just dying to come out. Your true self that wants to be seen, that’s been ready to shine

Maybe you have that inner inkling that you were made for more, or if you dread going to your 9-5 but feel stuck. Lucky for you, I’ve already lived through all of that & I am now on the other side. I have the exact formula & if you follow theses steps, you can have success in all areas of your life as well.

Testimonials from clients:

“I found coach Jules through a recommended friend. I had heard such wonderful things about her, I figured I would give it a shot. Her life is living proof. I was at a place in my life where I just didn’t really know which direction to take. I was also going through heartache from a bad breakup. I hated my job. From the first conversation I had with Jules, I instantly felt so at ease and relaxed. She has this warming & comforting presence about her. I purchased the 5 pack consultation with her and my life has completely changed. I am now with my dream man, I am no longer going through depression and I went from making 3k a month to 12k a month with her help. I can’t thank her enough & still have her as a coach twice a week”
- Samantha H, Las Vegas Nevada

“I want to start off by how thankful I am for Coach Jules time. As successful as she is, she doesn’t have to give her time but she does. She has such a big heart and genuinely cares. I live out of state and do coaching sessions with her over the phone. She has helped me with my mindset so much, I wake up happy now which is something I never thought I’d say. She also helped me overcome so many insecurities I had that prevented me for going for more. I start my new job next week all thanks to Jules, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!”
- Chris J, Indiana

“I’ve suffered with following through with goals for years. I’d get started and never finished. I didn’t understand why I never succeeded at different goals, Jules helped me identify the blockages. She helped me get my head on straight. I started getting new opportunities left and right, talk to you on Tuesday for our next session Jules!”
-Jennifer, New York

“I had heard of Jules 5 years ago, because she’s a marketing mastermind. She was always winning trophies. I was always curious as to how someone could achieve at such a high level consistently for years. When I heard she was offering coaching, I jumped on it. I saw it as an investment and that investment has paid off in a HUGE way. I work in sales and her sales techniques she taught me has already helped me multiply my income. She knows what she’s talking about and I’m just glad she’s willing to share these things in a field where no one wants to share their top strategies”
-Nicole, Hawaii

Induction to club Elite: The most prestigious honor for marketing.