Mom Life & Monat

I never thought I could do something like this...but then I jumped in scared.

Hey everyone, I'm Ali!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
I'm honored.

A little bit about me!
I married my college 'frenemy' after we realized we were meant to be during senior year! We'll be married 5 years in September. I'm a mama to 2 little girls, ages 2 and 14 months-- so as you can imagine, my life is craziness all the time!

I work in my local church as an admin, youth leader and staff on our new sister church plant! @vahillschurch
But here's the kicker, I actually have my own business selling... shampoo of all things! Weird, right?

Long story short, I was in direct sales previously and COMPLETELY failed. Like, bad. I lost 100s of dollars and swore I'd never do anything like this again.
Long, long story short. Turns out they aren't all the same. Things like this DO work! And I've been with an amazing company called Monat for almost 2 years now!
We help women feel beautiful and men feel confident. We provide healthy products for children and even have products for pets! We have skincare and even a wellness line! And that's only the beginning! We are EXPLODING!

I would love for you to check out my Facebook page below to learn more about this opportunity, tips, tricks, products, sales and more!

Hair Quiz

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Skincare Quiz

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