Occult Fundamentals Course

Learn the Tarot, Qabalah, Gemutria, Numerology, and the Foundations of the Ageless Wisdom

The Occult Fundamentals course is for Beginning to Intermediate Students who want to get introduced to or establish a Strong Foundation in the Occult Arts.

Learn the Tarot, Tree of Life, Numerology, Gemutria, the Qabalah, Sigil Work, the Language of Symbols, and get Introduced to Magick Ritual.


2 lessons per week via FaceTime or Video Chat

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Master of the Occult Arts and Sciences

Intensive, Advanced Master Course

Personal Magick instruction from Occult Master and Groundbreaking Author of Excalibur, The AENoMYTh oV’ITh, and The Seven Seals of Gaia Ladrieh.

The focus is on the practical application of Magick principles, focused on the realization and then combustion and actualization of the True Will. I cater each course to the individual. This course is for advanced students only. We will focus on pathworkings, Creative Ritual, Focused internal alchemy, Dynamic Advaita and Self-Inquiry, Code Breaking and Analysis of Advanced Occult Texts, Mastery of Environment, and Total Financial Independence through Magick, and branch into in depth research and application for advanced scientific research and experimentation, Advancement and Refinement of the Student’s True Work, and Focused Actualization of the Student’s Highest Vision and Will into the World. The instruction is Semester based. Each Semester is three months. Intro and Intermediate Semesters are $15,000 (available in monthly Tuition payments).

2 to 3 lessons per week, usually via FaceTime, etc.

DM directly for Serious Inquiries Only.

Out-of-the-Matrix Relocation Services

The Underground Railroad

Full, uninhibited Disclosure and Planning for your Escape from the Matrix.

-For the last 10 years, I’ve specialized in traveling and living around the entire world, regardless of travel restrictions, rules, regulations, propaganda, and warnings. There are always loopholes, and when there’s a Will, there’s absolutely a way. I will help you move from the situation you are in now into the situation you want to be in. I’ll help plan and take care of your logistics. I’ll share my expertise and knowledge on the scenarios and situations you will face. I’ve beaten the System on every Continent. And I will prepare you to face any and all eventualities. But do mind you, I can only show you the door. You have to be the one to take the actions. And you have to accept the responsibility for your choices. They may not be easy. Don’t expect them to be. There will be a lot of hard work involved. But if you make it out, I can promise you it will be worth it.

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Deep Healing and Trauma Release through the Magick Arts

Healing Sessions with Bryce

The first step in any journey to enacting real change in your life begins with Healing. So many of us have experienced such deep trauma and harbor such intense core wounds that at times it can feel paralyzing. Anxiety, PTSD, Mental Illness, financial problems, physical ailments, etc. are all indicators that these wounds still exist within your energetic field. Even (and especially) Events that occurred in Childhood or Adolescence can obscure our True Potential and limit us from its pure realization.

Psychology has proven itself ineffective, in that it only rounds through various associations, leading to an unending wheel of unearthing and focusing upon problems. The Truth is all of our wounds are interconnected between our thoughts, emotions, energy, memories, desires, and our bodies.

By locating and targeting the experiences which have caused us pain, caused us to withdraw from life, or harbor negative mind patterns, we find that these issues are inevitably linked to memory, which physically manifests within the body.

But this can all be cured through locating these blockages and energies and allowing their release.

Single Healing Sessions are $200 for One Hour via FaceTime.

One Month, Deep Dive Program - $1667/month for 3 Sessions a Week

DM now to Book a Session.

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