Hey luvs ! Welcome to my website!! This web will be based off of my tiktok fanpage for Charli D'Amelio - @acaidnks - (drop me a follow ;] Kidding!! well i mean..)

Included in this website;

- credits !
- tutorials !
- font packs !
+ more !!

lmaoao okay thank you for reading ! <3.

⨳The Credits On My Page !

colouring creds;

I surprisingly made my colouring myself, however i think it is very similar to another account's, so if you happen to come across that person, please tag me or tell me about it so i can credit them if neccassary !

theme creds;

I haven't got a theme yet, i just use basic fonts to type out my question along with my watermark ! I will update if i get a theme :)

profile picture creds;

All credits go to me for my profile pictures! I find and colour the pictures myself, however i do see some people steal them and not credit me for them because i do not put a watermark on them, so please give me credits if you use them otherwise i will block you!

⨳colouring tutorial

some people ask me for colouring tutorials, so here it is !!

- firstly, go onto 24fps (or instagram for androids!) and use the Aurora filter!

- secondly, open prequel and do this;
⤜ 10 exposure
⤜ -26 highlights
⤜ 100 shadows
⤜ whatever blur (i do 35)
⤜ filter : stockholm at 28
⤜ effects : sparkles with this combination : 24, 9, 20, 100

and there you have it! feel free to add some changes to it if you like! <33 please remember to give cc to me!

⨳My Theme And Font Pack!

I haven't got a theme at the moment, so there are no credits for it, or fonts! However i can list the fonts i use at the moment :)

- Hey comic - question
- Gogono Cocoa Mochi - watermark
- Capetown Signature - watermark