Welcome So glad you found it My name is Uche, I live in the UK, a mum of one handsome teenage boy and a digital entrepreneur. I found this opportunity 5 years ago when I was at my rock bottom. I had relocated to England 3 years prior to then. My first job here in the UK was as a Nursery teacher & on a minimum wage too but a year later, I was able to fire my boss as this business eventually provided me with a full time income. I have been working fully from home since then and have also grown to a 6 figure income earner. I have reinvested some of my earnings and also bought myself my dream car, Range Rover. I am single minded , encouraging and always looking for the positives in others. Join 100s of individuals in my team and learn how to earn online. You must be 18+ & resident in the following countries; UK , Netherlands, France, Italy, USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Sweeden, Australia, Austria, Finland, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Israel, UAE, Belgium, ireland & more

A FEW FAQs — It’s a risk free with a high reward opportunity -Is this a pyramid scheme? Capital No. Our company’s biz model is simple & straightforward. Everyone joins with same fee , same entry point and one can potentially grow past own sponsor. -Is there a monthly renewal of this franchise? No. Only a yearly renewal. -Is this a buying & selling business? No. As a matter of fact, you are not allowed to stock up, buy in bulk to resell. -Is this a get rich quick scheme? No. It requires building, consistency & effort. -How do I get my customers? You will be mentored on how to attract ur target market globally from where u are. -How much can I roughly earn? Uncapped earnings according to ur effort.

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